We love media. We love it so much we built a whole site around it!

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About Us

Here at Bliss-city HQ, we love to be entertained. Books, movies, music, games- we don't discriminate.

What we love even more: being able to access our favorite content whenever we want to, wherever we are. That's why we created Bliss-city: to cater to everyone's entertainment needs, wherever they happen to be, on-demand. With one of the biggest digital content libraries on the internet, we provide more entertainment in one place than any other site.

Immerse yourself in the latest literary masterpiece, discover a new cinematic universe, jam out to classic hits, or delve into the competition of multiplayer games. We've got you covered. We're your number one subscription service for all things media, all under one roof.

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(toll-free) +1-877-322-1572 or +1-646-741-5271
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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